A Metreman Greeting

Welcome to my website. I hope you can stay awhile. We are living through difficult times, and we all share the hope that Covid can be consigned to history. Its effects will be felt for many years, though, because of bereavement, illness, and the way we live.
One thing has become clear to me. While this is a virus that knows no borders, that is oblivious to nationality, rank or creed, a virus that has killed and isolated, it has also emphasised our common humanity. In countless acts of kindness and bravery, it has shown that we love and value each other, no matter who we are or where we live.
I am an internationalist. I celebrate our different cultures, variations on a theme of our shared humanity. The discovery of my American family, my genealogical research, and the revelations of human genetics, show me that I belong to the world, not to one single country.
So please take a moment to read my own personal manifesto, called It Is My Country, Too:

Do not tell me of your country, it speaks of borders and separation. Tell me instead of the country that lives within you.
Is it a country where children are treasured? Where the love of family is your greatest possession? Where you can be content in the company of friends, and the act of giving is a constant pleasure?
Do you have the wisdom to see below the surface of things? To see the bright colours of the soul and not the colour of the skin?
Do you celebrate our common humanity while enjoying its many different expressions?
Is your first impulse to do good, not harm? To care for your family, your friends, for yourself, and for the world and all that is in it?
If this is your country, it is my country, too.

David Edwards Hulme.

“The Bowmen of Bruntwood was formed in 1950 by Trevor Francis…..He’d been a glider pilot in the Second World War, and a resulting back injury meant he couldn’t play contact sports like rugby. So archery it was.”

“A poem must be accessible, not a private note to one’s inner self.” “You should be able to dip a poem in a river and flavour an ocean.”

Life Stories
“He was an extremely handsome man. To young working girls like my mother, all American soldiers were attractive….their accents, their swagger, their style, their smart uniforms.”