Boa Constructor

All his buildings are long and thin, they snake
Through jungles, over mountains, they make
The most continuous homes on earth.
If you’re a snake you’ll want to use them
But a big beefy buffalo might abuse them.

They are meant for those who are long and thin,
So a weasel or a stoat just might fit in
The lowest, most sinuous homes on earth.
If you’re a mole you’ll want to use them
And a naked mole rat would also choose them.

But the boa constructor is an amiable fella –
If you ask him nicely he’ll put in a cellar,
The most continuous cellar on earth.
Some would prefer to call it a tunnel
Or turned on its end, a really deep funnel.

He’s the world’s best builder, our friend the boa,
Whose buildings get longer and lower and lower,
The lowest continuous homes on earth.
When you go in keep clear of the ceiling,
Crawl on your belly – don’t even try kneeling.