Swinging through the deepest forest,
Faster than the fastest chimps
Comes the champ, the champanzee –
Quick! you might just catch a glimpse.

He’s really big for a chimpanzee,
His hands are almost twice the size
Of all his furry forest cousins
Who just can’t wait to share the prize.

For deep within the deepest forest
Is a clearing with a boxing ring
With all the forest creatures there,
It’s really quite a gathering.

They’ve come to see the champanzee
Put on those massive boxing gloves,
Not to fight against another,
It’s not a fight the crowd all loves.

They want to see him split big nuts
With one huge swipe of a boxing glove
So everyone can share a piece –
That’s the thing the crowd all love.

Thank you, Champ, the chimps all yell
Within the deepest forest dell,
And all the others shout as well,
Full fed on nuts at the final bell.