Clint L♥Z Kim 16/07/06 (Love Letters)

Carved into the rough wood
Of this plain wood bench
By the carving river –

Clint L♥Z Kim 16/07/06

You took minutes, perhaps,
To scar the wood with your love.
Perhaps you laughed and kissed
As the river laughed and plunged,
Kissing the lucent air with its laughing spray,
Carving its own name into the land.

It has taken the river 12,000 years,
My dear Clint and Kim,
A few minutes, geologically, you might say,
To incise its love on the land.

But as the river flows
From the time of ice that gave it birth
Will tears flow for your lost love?
I hope not.

You loved and laughed
In that eternal moment as the river chuckled by,
Caressing its lovely stones,
Unnoticed by you, unaware of itself,
Held, like lovers, in the purity of being.