Glory United

The multi-headed monster roars
As Hughes the hero turns and scores
The winning goal

And kneels upon the blessed grass
In praise of that delightful pass
And goal.

Connect! And see the opposition die
Beneath a rain swept northern sky.

“In comes Keane – he crosses, oh,
And Hughes is there….
A goal! A goal!”

And one United mega-soul
Soars up in one delirious whole
And rings the earth from pole to pole.

As all those beating hearts unite
Within this furnace of delight,
Whose cantilevered cliffs deflect
And echo, bend and then reflect
The sound of this, a human ocean,
Swept by currents of emotion,
Hold up the Cup
And up and up

And in the glinting silver’s gleam
Reflect the glory of a team
Who forged their skills in winter mud
In shirts the red of Flanders blood.

With northern grace on northern grass
(The ballet of the working class)
The Reds salute a golden age
Upon this hallowed northern stage.

“In comes Scholes – he crosses, oh,
And Rooney’s there,
A goal! A goal!”