Sunday Bells

There’s sadness in the Sunday bells.
Happy those they bring together,
For me the sound of ringing tells
Me I’m alone. Unseen tether,
It ties me to this silent room.
Friends outside enjoy the weather,
While I’m the boy locked in a tomb.

My comics are my closest friends,
Desperate Dan please help me now.
I know just how your story ends
But write a new one, show me how
You come to life and set me free,
Burst the door with a mighty POW!!
To play together, you and me.

But that’s not how the story goes,
An ending that can never be.
The shadows lengthen, silence grows,
And all my friends gone home for tea,
While deep within me sadness gels.
Look in my window, you would see
I’m weeping with the Sunday bells.