If your group is looking to add to its speakers list, keep me in mind.  I can give a talk on the search for my American soldier father which led me on to the discovery of my Mayflower ancestry (around 40 minutes, no visual aids required.)    I am one of just a handful of known British males with a Mayflower ancestry.

Also, I can provide a 30-minute talk on the cotton mill fire in Stockport, UK,  in 1902 which killed my maternal great grandfather.  He was one of ten victims in what was a scandal of its time – complacency as to fire risks and work place safety.  Again, this is topical going into 2021 with the continuing Grenfell inquiry.  The 1902 fire echoed down the generations, affecting my early life because of the disruption this tragedy caused in my family.  Again, no visual aids required.

I am based in Stockport and focus on Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

If you are interested, please leave a message via my Contacts page.