The Bodger

“Oh dear,” said the badger, the bodger’s arriving,
As the badgers all scattered, ducking and diving.
“He may be our cousin,” he said with a sigh.
“But stay well away from his bad DIY.”

One badger who didn’t has never been found,
For the home that he built her was simply not sound.
The earth was too sandy and dry for a tunnel
So the bodger dug down and made her a funnel.

It went down so far that the funnel collapsed.
It’s not been forgotten though years have elapsed.
They all thought she’d dig back up to the light
But the depth was too much and the sand held her tight.

“It’s a sad tale to tell,” said the badger, and sighed.
“We’ll never forget her. She’s gone – DIY’d.”
And that’s a good reason for keeping well clear
Of the bodger because it could cost you dear.