The Crocosmile

He’s never more happy than when he’s grinning,
But oh, what a marvellous grin he grins,
And when he plays games he’s always winning,
He’s never more happy than when he wins.

He’s the happiest creature in the big wide swamp,
He rolls and he twists for mile after mile,
Searching for buns to chomp, chomp, chomp,
Welcome to the home of the big crocosmile.

You will know he is there from his booming laughter
As he plays hide and seek with all his friends.
If you find him he will grin for ever after,
A friend whose friendship never ends.

But always remember when you join in the fun
He’s a friend who really does like to win,
So when you join in, bring a big icy bun –
It’s worth it for seeing the world’s biggest grin.