The Snarling

Have you heard of a bird called the snarling?
It gathers in flocks like the starling.
If you hear it please fear it and never go near it,
It’s a bird that is nobody’s darling.

And when it is flocking it’s really quite shocking
As it swoops and it loops overhead
To see the flock dropping on anything stopping
That’s not run to safety instead.

So listen, my dear, you really should fear
The snarling when going around.
If it’s fur, skin or feather, in all kinds of weather,
Where-ever you are you’ll be found.

It’s not all the damage they wreak
With talon and sharp little beak.
The truth is you’ll be drowned by the most awful sound,
You can’t move, you can’t breathe, you can’t speak.

It sounds like a thousand wolves baying,
Close your ears and don’t even peek,
Take note of what I am saying
And avoid the pain of its shriek.