The Snottle

His head is shaped just like a bottle,
With bones as bendy as fresh-cut wattle,
With a howl that stops with a sudden glottal –
Let me introduce you to the lowland snottle.

Like his mountain cousin, he often sneezes
When crawling through grass, and then he wheezes
As he hunts all around for various cheeses,
Catching their scent on the summer breezes.

Camembert, Cheddar and Stilton, too,
As long as they’re ripe they’ll certainly do,
With a helping of crackers – but only a few,
While warning off rivals with a sneeze and a shoo!

It’s the snot from the snottle that causes the trouble,
Shooting out of his snout in a really big bubble,
Covering his rivals with crackers like rubble
As they turn and they run for the hills at the double.

To capture a snottle, this will suffice:
Crumble up cheese from a Camembert slice,
With crumbs make a trail so you can entice
The snottle to the wattle-rod trapping device.

It’s for checking he’s healthy, and done in a trice,
So don’t worry – you’re helping, and just being nice.